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Acronyms and Abbreviations
Used in RipTide

ALSAdvanced Life Support
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
BCDBuoyancy Compensator Device
BLSBasic Life Support
CGACompressed Gas Association
CISDCritical Incident Stress Debriefing
CTCCanadian Transportation Commission
DCIDecompression Illness
DOTDepartment of Transportation
EMSEmergency Medical Service
EMTEmergency Medical Technician
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPDMEthylene Propylene Diene Methylene Terpolymer
FDNYFire Department, New York
HAZMATHazardous Material
HPHigh Pressure
ICCInterstate Commerce Commission
LGSLifeguard Systems, Inc
MPHmiles per hour
NAUINational Association of Underwater Instructors
NASDSNational Association of Diving Instructors
NFPANational Fire Protection Association
NIOSHANational Institute for Industrial Safety and Health
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Administration
PADIProfessional Association of Diving Instructors
PFDPersonal Floatation Device
PPEPersonal Protective Equipment
PSDPublic Safety Diver
psiPounds per Square Inch
PWCPersonnel Watercraft
SCBASelf Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCUBASelf Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SLCSustained Load Cracking
SOGStandard Operating Guidelines
SOPStandard Operating Procedures
SOP/GStandard Operating Procedures/Guidelines
TC Transport Canada
TRSThermal Recovery Stabilizer
VCIVisual Cylinder Inspection
Table of Contents
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