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Quiz Questions

Return your completed quiz using one of the following methods:
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If you get 100% correct you will be entered in a raffle for great prizes, including equipment, and Lifeguard Systems surface and subsurface certification programs.

  1. Which of the following items should there be extra of on a rescue boat:
  1. Duct tape
  2. Pocket masks
  3. Fins

  1. Explain what a statement analysis and show me re-enactment is.

  1. Nitrogen narcosis affects everyone the same way. True or False

  1. Is the modular approach to emergency scene management a replacement to Incident Command? True or False

  1. Which are the following could be considered modules in the modular approach emergency scene management:
  1. Liaison with local police and fire departments
  2. Diver prep
  3. Surface support prep
  4. Boat prep
  5. Information gathering
  6. Liaison with shore medical team

  1. It is safe to assume that quarries are chemical free. True or False

  1. Chemical and bio-hazards are only a concern to the divers. True or False

  1. Which of the following is not a concern when discussing chemical exposure:
  1. Dry suit material
  2. Zipper
  3. Thermal protection
  4. Gloves
  5. Seams
  6. Seals
  7. Fins

  1. Chemical resistance of a dry suit can be defined in terms of:
  1. Type of chemical
  2. Length of exposure
  3. Chemical concentration

  1. Biological agents could be a concern if diving in waters that may contain viruses such as hepatitis. True or False
  1. Hold onto the diver
  2. Let go of the diver
  3. Flare to slow down
  4. Drop your weight belt

  1. Proper decontamination of a dry suit with a nylon exterior will remove all contaminants. True or False

  1. A dry suit that has been exposed to sunlight and abrasion is as chemically resistant as a new dry suit. True or False